City Government

Suur-Sepa 16, 80098 Pärnu ESTONIA
+372 444 8200

Getting settled in a new place can be a challege. One has to get accustomed to a new culture and way of life and to new people and locals are quiet and shy (btw this is one of the most common stereotypes).

But do not worry! Keep calm and there are some hints:
• You can always call + 372 444 8200. This is the number of Pärnu City Government and just ask. If we do not know the answer we might know someone who knows the answer. So for sure this is not a dead end. OR you can write linnavalitsus[at]

• Need to register your place of residence in Pärnu and get an Estonian ID-code? 
Welcome to Pärnu City Government (Suur-Sepa 16, Pärnu) and you will get this done. Our people will help you. Office hours are Mon/ Tue/ Thu 9:00–12:00 and 14.00–16.00; Fri 9:00–12:00.

• MOST IMPORTANT! You are not alone! International House of Pärnu!   
This expat groups mission is to help people moving to Pärnu from aboard to successfully integrate and connect with the community here

Useful websites:

Settle in Estonia - the “Settle in Estonia” welcoming programme aimed at international newcomers in Estonia, its different modules and also the beginners’ Estonian language training.
• Work in Estonia - official guide to finding a job in Estonia, relocating and settling in.
• Visit Pärnu - useful information of Pärnu 
• Estonian World - Estonian World is a global independent online magazine with contributors all over the world that aims at promoting the success stories of Estonia and Estonians in a positive, encouraging manner without neglecting to write about the challenges and concerns of the country and its people.
ERR - ERR News is the English-language service of Estonian Public Broadcasting (ERR), run by a fully independent editorial team. Essential parts of ERR are Estonian television (ETV) as well as public radio. Check out Jupiter to watch great TV series and movies in English.


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