Pärnu Visitor Centre
Uus 4, 80010 Pärnu ESTONIA
+372 447 3000

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Mayor Romek Kosenkranius
Suur-Sepa 16, room 248
+372 444 8212
e-mail: romek.kosenkranius[at]

Deputy Mayor Rainer Aavik
Suur-Sepa 16, room 252
+372 444 8216
e-mail: rainer.aavik[at]

Deputy Mayor Jane Mets
Suur-Sepa 16, room 250
+372 444 8214
e-mail: jane.mets[at]

Deputy Mayor Meelis Kukk
Suur-Sepa 16, room 249
+372 444 8215
e-mail: meelis.kukk[at]

Welcome to Pärnu!

City of Pärnu

Location: South- West Estonia
Area: 33,15 km²
From Tallinn to Pärnu 128 km. From Riga to Pärnu 180 km
Population: 40 314 (01.01.2020)

Why to visit Pärnu?
The rich history of Pärnu and the joyful daily life offer something for everyone. The centre of Pärnu, the lovely parks and the resort area with its famous sandy beach and promenade invite you for long walks. There are sights to be seen dating to the distant Middle Ages, the elegant early years of the resort, the long Soviet era as well as the modern times with their fast-paced development. 

We also recommend you to take a tour outside the city. The coast full of islets, pine dune forests and natural sand beaches, vibrant fishing culture, and bogs and indigenous forests is waiting for the curious-minded. There are lovely (fishing) villages, churches, manor complexes, museums, and valuable wildlife everywhere. Read more about Pärnu...


Municipality of Pärnu (Pärnu City)

Population: 51 504 (01.01.2020)
Area: 858,07 km²
Administrative status: an independet unit of local authoriy

On November 1, 2017 a local self-government reform came into force. The merger will be followed by a transitional period for the development of a new governance and management arrangement. Changes are being made step by step, by the time for the local government council elections of 2021.

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