Pärnu Study Counseling Center

Metsa 1, 80010 Pärnu ESTONIA
+372 443 1436

Educational Department 
of Pärnu City Government

Suur-Sepa 16, 80098 Pärnu ESTONIA
+372 444 8200

Head of the Educational Department
Ene Täht
+372 444 8252

Educational Advisor
Katrin Markii
+372 444 8254

Education and Learning in Estonia

If you are a resident of Pärnu and wish to apply for a place in preschool or school for your children, please find information about admissions here

Information for parents with another native language

» A Child With Another Home Language
» Preschool in Estonia (Russian, English, Estonian and Arabic)
» Welcome to the Estonian School!  (Russian, English, Estonian and Arabic)
» Ministry of Education and Research (English, Russian)


If needed, consultations are provided to the parents by the specialist of the Educational Department of Pärnu City Covernment

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